Useful Info

Get to know all about the use of titanium bolts

Switching to Titanium bolts gives you :

  • Approximately 40% weight saving over steel bolts, while maintaining similar strength. Especially useful on rotating and unsprung parts of vehicles.
  • Much better corrosion resistance
  • The machined surfaces on the bolt heads and nuts give a much more refined look than the regular "forged" bolts.


Sizing and torques :

Below are allowable torques for Titanium Grade 5 bolts and nuts offered here.


Yield Strength is 340 MPA, use equivalent torque values to grade 4.8 steel bolts

 Dry torque by metric size (coarse/regular thread) N.m Lb.ft
M5 3.5 2.6
M6 11 8.1
M8 16 11.8

NOTE: These torque values are indicative and don't replace the equipment manufacturer's required settings. Always follow your OEM manual.

Assemblies with soft metal such as aluminium tend to seize, We recommend to use anti-seize lubricant.

Lubricant recommended: Hight Temperature graphite anti-seize such as Jet-Lube or Loctite LB8009. reduce "dry" torque setting by 15%. You will still achieve the same clamping force.


Using Treadlocker? Only use medium strength threadlocker when using titanium bolts on aluminium threaded holes.

Threadlocker curing time: Both aluminium and titanium are considered "inactive" materials. This means that the threadlocker compound will take longer to cure than your regular carbon steel or stainless steel bolts. As a rule of thumb consider minimum 2hours of curing before use at full capacity. Primers can be sprayed on bolts to accelerate the curing process on inactive materials.